UBS Accounting

UBS Accounting Lays the foundation for a successful and profitable business. Catering to the needs of small-medium enterprises (SMEs), UBS Accounting’s fully-integrated application system makes it simple to access critical information resources whenever you need it – convenience at your fingertips.

UBS Accounting consists of a General Ledger, Creditors Ledger and Debtors Ledger, which have multiple currency function and financial reports that can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Some of the benefits of UBS Accounting include standard as well as user-defined financial and management reports. The software will handle your budgeting process and facilitates the management and control of your business activities. It will also enhance cast flow and asset management. It fully integrates with UBS Inventory & Billing and UBS Asset Register.


  • Speeds up all accounting functions

  • Handles multiple company transactions

  • Multiple currency function

  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) computation function

  • Provides different levels of data access security

  • Provides flexibility in modifying any transaction

  • Capable of handling transaction of up to 18 months

  • Able to record advance and post-dated cheques

  • Able to insert previous month’s omissions

  • Able to compute sales comission to agents

  • Able to generate audit trail reports

  • Unrealised Gain/Loss computation

  • Monthly Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet report

  • Consolidated Account

  • Projects

  • Projection of accounts



  • Standard and user-defined financial and management reports.
  • Facilitates budgeting process in an organization.
  • facilitates management controls of business activities
  • Enhances cash flow and assets management.
  • Fully integrated with Access UBS Stock Control and Access Assets Register.

UBS Inventory & Billing

UBS Inventory & Billing makes inventory management an effortless and efficient process. This system will power in your hands – a business software to control and track the movement of inventory within your firm. With the flexibility to handle all types of inventory transactions, you will have access to instant updates and the status of your inventory with the click of your mouse.

UBS Inventory & Billing facilitates the the production of comprehensive inventory reports. When you use this system, you will be able to keep track of your inventory in terms of shipping and tracking inventory parts as well as inventory valuation and adjustments. This software also includes a sales order processing and purchasing function, and fully integrates with UBS Accounting.


  • Handles multiple company transactions

  • Provides different levels of data access security

  • Real-time update of stock with each receipt/issue of item

  • Credit limit control on invoicing

  • Maintains foreign currency – auto conversion on foreign exchange

  • Numerous units of measure/discount methods

  • Track stock through the use of unique serial code

  • 4 methods of stock valuation: Fixed Cost, Monthly Average, Moving Average, FIFO

  • Historical records facility

  • Integration utility with accounting software

  • Multi-location entry

  • Multiple payment modes

  • UBS key supported

  • Item graded entry



  • Comprehensive inventory reports.
  • Facilitates ship and track inventory parts.
  • Facilities inventory valuation and adjustments.
  • Links to service management.
  • Encompasses sales order processing and purchasing.
  • Fully integrated with Access UBS Accounting System.

UBS Payroll

UBS Payroll is appropriate for small-medium enterprises with relatively straight forward pay structures. It has user definable allowances, deductions and multiple overtime rate. It also has a flexible CPF table, which can be updated and changed in accordance with government announcements. With UBS Payroll you will also be able to generate the relevant forms required by the government sector organizations such as CPF Form 91 and IR8A Form. Simple and efficient, this system will save you time and money.


  • 3 pay rate types – monthly, daily and hourly

  • Overtime calculation at rate of 10 times, 1.5 times, 2.0 times or 3 times

  • Annual and medical leave tracking

  • 17 allowances and 15 dedcutions available for customisation

  • Generation of statutory forms: CPF Form 91 and IR8A

  • SDL & FWL table for monthly deductions

  • Supports CDAC, MBMF, SINDA etc. deductions


UBS Point of Sales (POS)

UBS Point Of Sales (POS) is a fully computerized comprehensive cash register specifically designed for retail outlets and service oriented businesses. It is highly flexible and can be operated with or without the use of barcode reading equipment.

Aiding retail management, it provides up-to date inventory level information, sales personnel performance analysis, loyalty program, peak customer period analysis, product v. margins analysis, and receivables analysis. It also offers a customer trend analysis, which can be vital for the effective running of retail outlets.

Historical data is archived instantly eliminating the fear of losing valuable data. A secure system that protects your information, UBS Point Of Sales will minimize the risk of the loss of cash, loss product items and data as a result of pilferage.


  • Comprehensive Billing

  • The management will be able to access complete information regarding cashier counter, salespersons, product items, indicated POS counter and mode of payment.

  • Accurate Transaction

  • Every sales transaction will be captured accurately. Moreover, this system also provides information regarding deposits and withdrawals from your cash drawer, making the comparison of actual cash amount to cash drawer viable.

  • Information Resources

  • With this system, you will be able to view reports as well as reprint cash receipts and print barcode labels.

  • Report Generation

  • Reports can be generated with a click of mouse. These reports include cash receipts report, sales analysis reports, salesperson performance reports and inventory reports for managemeent control.

  • Security Management

  • The administrator can set the system so that only selected individual can view the database.



  • It aids in retail management. It provides essential and relevant information for retail owner to effectively and efficiently run their business. Information is available at a click of a mouse.
  • It compliments with and speeds up sales transactions.
  • It provided customer trend analysis
  • Historical data is archieved instantly. There is no fear of losing valuable data.
  • Security managment. It minimize risk in losing cash, product item and data due to pilferages.

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