Rockbell International Software Pte Ltd, we are SERIOUS in providing good quality UBS Software Solutions and Support to all SMEs in Singapore. As a software company armed with 20 years of experience, we SPECIALIZE solely on UBS Software sales and support.

Our Mission and Aim is to ensure 100% satisfaction for all our services rendered. Partner with us, and you will never have to be disappointed with poor and/or expensive service again. We have a team of UBS Specialists based in Singapore all ready to assist all your UBS Software needs.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We help our clients fulfill the demanding of their business and accounting needs.

Accounting software is indispensable for the efficient running of businesses. In a nutshell, it helps businesses track their accounts receivables and payables in order to manage cash flow and plan taxes.

UBS brings all your accounting solutions in one central place, making you more efficient and in control, while giving you real-time visibility and insight across your entire organisation.

Our Values.

We’ve made accounting simpler, and the UBS integrates various modules so that you can have a complete view and control of your business.

Customer first

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Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude.

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Treating every client like family

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We will take care of your accounting and HR solution.